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Thread: Anybody using a dash cam?

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    Anybody using a dash cam?

    I would like to record some of the incredibly stupid behavior I see on the road while riding. A rear view too would be a plus. What could work for this? Thanks.
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    Innovv K2 system has 2 cameras.
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    I sometimes commute with a GoPro on my helmet and a wireless remote, and often thought if a second rear view camera.

    One thing Iíve found is, because of the wide angle of the lens (even at its narrowest setting), those close calls that we all have donít look half as scary when viewed on a computer. The camera does capture idiotic behavior, but there is so much predictable bad driving, a lot of what is recorded is isnít worth keeping.

    If you do decide to film a commute, file sizes for decent resolutions take up a lot of disk space, so you may want to get into the habit of deleting non- or less-eventful days. YMMV.

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