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Thread: HEED Crash bars for BMW F 850 GS Adventure

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    HEED Crash bars for BMW F 850 GS Adventure

    Does anyone in MOA have any experience with HEED products?


    Description: Crash bars type Bunker for BMW F 850 GS Adventure motorcycles.

    Crash bars are mounted in 4 points on both sides and have 2 connections of both sides in the front. This solution gives a non-standard stability and durability. This piping protects all sensitive parts of a motorcycle. The lines of crash bars match the shape of the motorcycle, what gives it an original character.

    Crash bars are available in black and silver. Black version can be found in a separate offer in our store.

    The set contains:

    . piping for left and right side of a motorcycle,
    . installation set including all necessary parts for installation,
    . installation instruction with pictures.

    Technical data:
    Compatible with: BMW F 850 GS Adventure
    Crash bars type: Bunker
    Colour: Silver or Black
    Left and right side connection points: 2
    Anchorage points per side: 4
    Material used: Steel pipe 25mm x 2mm

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    I have a set of rear protection bars on my R1200RT. Other than no instructions included, they were shipped well and fit perfectly. I think it took about ~9 days to come from Poland after I purchased them directly from their eBay store. I haven't put them through any testing so far, but they are holding up!
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    I purchased a set of Full Bunker Heed's for my 1100 GS about 4 years ago, March 2016.

    My experience has been a positive one. The build quality is very heavy duty, as the tubing was the thickest and most stout of any bars being offered at the time for my bike. The welds were perfect, finish top notch, and fit was very precise. I have had no issues over the 4 years, and multiple drops, with any breakage on bars or bike. Last year I finally refinished with VHT Epoxy Paint and returned finish to like new.

    At the time of purchase, the exchange rate with Poland was to my advantage, and I think the whole set was around the $350 mark, giving great value. Shipping was about 2 weeks then, not sure how it would be in today's Covid world.

    Zero Regrets.

    Defiance, MO
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