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    Hi All,
    I just bought a bmw r1200rt in North Carolina. I'm from north NJ. Not happy with date of delivery as it kept getting pushed out, so decided to go down there and pick it up and ride it back. Not smart/ Few issues with that; never rode the bike, last bike was a honda shadow 750 6 years ago. hadn't been on a bike since. then the weather was bad. 50 degrees, heavy rain, windy. So got down there Thursday and spent 15 min learning the bike and rode around the block to feel clutch and remember how to ride a motorcycle. The old adage is true; "its just like riding a bike... Chin up, look where your going, lean don't drive. I think that the weather kept me focused enough to endure. If 70 degree day, maybe i get lazy on such a long ride. I really had to focus the entire 9 plus hours.
    Then the weather really got bad. My son drove ahead of me and at times in VA there were downpours which I was only able to see the cars tail lights. the fog in the twisty hills of west VA are challenging especially with no visibility.
    Rode 200+ mi on Thursday till i was beat up and needed a break. then rode 350+ mi Friday. The heavy rain wouldn't quit, till i got to NJ with 50 mi to go. Maybe this bike is a joy to ride on a sunny day but thankfully it is a beast in the weather and on a long run. I only had to endure the weather and the trucks, the bike did the rest. Thankfully I invested in good gear especially the boots. The bike kept me comfortable for the most part. Only sore in upper back but that is because of former back surgery. Butt fine, lower back fine.....

    I wish the bike was lower though. Is there a way to put 2 feet on the ground at 5'8 ? Made it tough when at stop lights etc. If I have to put up a rider will be an issue. Not an issue for the most part on this ride as comfort was paramount, but I plan on commuting in traffic (when it returns). For now I am an essential worker so commuting in north jersey is a breeze but expect the rest of you get back to work soon.

    Any Advice??

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    Welcome, Joe! Really nice that you focused so much on the conditions and didn't push things too much. Glad you made it home safe! Also nice to hear the bike helped in its own way.

    As for lower, I'm others will have some ideas, but I would think the seat could be redone by trimming some of the sides that fits between your legs. That would let you thighs go down a little further and maybe give you the road touch that you would like.

    I don't the year of your bike, but here are some older threads that might provide some ideas:
    Kurt -- Forum Liaison ---> Resources and Links Thread <---
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    Thanks, happy to be home. the bike is a 2018. before i left we checked and the adjustment was on low.

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    Definitely check seat lowering options first and with a little more time on the bike you will get used to one foot down. Count yourself lucky, I can just get 2 toes on the ground one side on my KTM 640.
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    So there is a technic to one foot down even with this heavy bike (for me)

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    Yes, one footing common for a lot of folks here. One more option are boots with double thick soles... someone may chime in with name, one bud has his done at a shoe repair shop

    Yeah, WV twisties in rain and/or fog quite the challenge... but you made it!!
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    Welcome, Joe, from the coast of Kansas. Sounds like you had an adventure on your first BMW ride. Some folks have to ride for years before they have a story like yours to tell to their kids and grandkids. What a lucky guy you are!
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    Welcome from northeast Ohio. Congrats on your successful and white knuckle first long ride on your new RT. I use my RT for commuting and absolutely love it!

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