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Thread: GS911 (wow) Question and Garmin TPMS Air Caps

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    GS911 (wow) Question and Garmin TPMS Air Caps

    I'm still awaiting delivery of my GS911 WiFi that will be used on an RT and an S1000XR. I've read that the unit can be used to retrain Tire Presure Sensors to the bikes monitoring system. I'm curious if that can be done with the Garmin tire caps as a sustitute for BMW devices. My XR does not have the TPMS sensors that pass pressure info to the dash. I was hoping to use the Garmin devices to do this.
    Anyone have any knowledge on this?
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    GS911 (wow) Question and Garmin TPMS Air Caps

    I doubt that the Garmin TPMS sensors would work and integrate with the BMW system. I believe the Garmin sensors are a proprietary sensor that only communicates with the Garmin GPS devices. Also, the Garmin TPMS sensors use ANT wireless technology that is also found in their heart rate monitors and other Garmin devices. TPMS sensors for cars and bikes typically use 315MHz and 415MHz frequencies to transmit. ANT uses 2400MHz - 2524MHz frequencies.

    The Garmin TPMS system may be on the way out as I understand it as it is not supported by their most recent motorcycle GPS, the Zumo XT. You might be better off using the FOBO system that uses your phone and an App to monitor or the Cyclops TPMS system that has a dedicated monitor installed on bars or dash.

    I have a GS911 and you can program new BMW sensors and MAYBE could use another Non- BMW sensor that is on the same frequency but you would have to find a way to mount it inside the wheel. Most sensors are made by the same companies, such as Schrader and they all transmit at one of the 2 frequencies with ID’s that are programmed or hard coded into the receiving module. I work in automotive and we have devices that can clone an existing sensor, so we read the ID of the defective sensor and clone the new sensor to use that ID so the receiver module does not need to be reprogrammed, the new TPMS sensor is a clone of the old sensor.

    The other reason that the Garmin TPMS sensors would work, and maybe not even a BMW sensor is that if you didn’t get the bike with the TPMS option, it likely does not have the receiving TPMS module that would get the signal from the TPMS sensors and transmit that info to the bike and dash. It might be possible to add this in, again MAYBE but it might require programming of the bike to add this feature in that was not stock. When you read the bike data with the GS911 it will show all the bike options, modules present, firmware/software versions as well as all the data that the ECM/PCM receive from the installed sensors such as O2 sensors, TPS sensor, knock sensor, etc., etc.

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    That is indeed some knowledge. Very interesting info to have. Thank you for the reply.
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