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Thread: BMW Recall

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    BMW Recall

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    Looks like it's this recall for US #20V165000 for the R1250GS/R1250RT...this affects only 4 bikes. Interesting, NHTSA doesn't show anything for say the R9T Pure.
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    This is an interesting situation. I read through some of the associated documents, and BMW has identified four motorcycles with the issue which were shipped to the US. Reading the documents shows the the matter seems to involve the installation of a pivot pin, and then the removal and re-installation of that pin. Anyway, more information here in the SIB:
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    I just read the above linked recall notice to dealers.

    What I find puzzling or amusing or both is the copyright statement at the bottom of each page, to wit:

    "Copyright 2020 MINI USA, a division of BMW of North America, LLC. All Rights Reserved"
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