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Thread: 2007 R1200 GS Brake fluid change

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    2007 R1200 GS Brake fluid change

    I've decided to start doing most of my own maintenance, why not it's easy and lots of time now. So looking in my manual, there is box to check with every service interval for a brake fluid change. Looking back through my dealer service reports, not once do they mention changing the brake fluid. You would think they would charge me material and labor for doing that. So, is changing the brake fluid a thing or not? I'm guessing I have the original brake fluid from 2007.

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    Itís a thing! In the Similar threads pane at bottom are a few threads and the process
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    Brake fluid should be changed every two years.
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    I was thinking it was every 2 years...

    Had a 2007 GSA that needed an ABS pump rebuild before I bought it used. Service manager told me that the pump goes bad when you don't service your braking system. You will also need a GS911 to cycle the pump when you do the service and change the fluid. Its not hard as long as you follow the procedure, and takes about 1-2 hours if you take your time. And for reference, the pump rebuild was $1300, a replacement over $2000 if I remember correctly... I definitely did not want to pay that for something so simple...
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