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Thread: Clearwater flatbar fitment

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    Clearwater flatbar fitment

    Hello! Advice please? I bought a Clearwater lightbar for my 1250 GSALC. The postage and import to the UK were double the cost of the bar so I have to be careful that doesn't drive me to the wrong answer BUT:

    The lightbar comes with two fittings one for the GS and another for the GS. Effectively they hang the bar of the fairing frame mount. My bike is a lowered GSA - the GS fittings won't fit with the beak. The GSA fittings are obviously designed for a taller bike. I now have a flat bar running across the top of the front wheel which looks uncomfortable with the beak removed. With the bike OFF its stand I have 5 inches of clearance. Anyone done this before?


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    Pics would help

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    Clearwater is very good to deal with when you have a problem or questions.
    I would call or email them.
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