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Thread: 1974 R90S Handlebar risers?

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    1974 R90S Handlebar risers?

    At 69 years old I can't ride my R90S because the forward leaning bars make me crane my neck trying to see down the road. After a short distance my neck is screaming for mercy.
    Tried stretching exercise but it does not help, my head just does not want to go in that position. The bike is stock and being collectable I don't want to change the bars. However, I found a Euro company that makes bar risers for about $60.00 They raise the bars about an inch. I could leave everything stock and remove the risers when I want to sell. Not sure an inch rise will fix the problem but figure it's a $60 gamble.

    Anyone ever try risers? How did it work out.

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    I put a set of bar backs on my /7 soon after I got the bike...I don't know the manufacturer. Even with the more sedate basic /7, and even with my full fairing, I enjoy the more upright seating position. The bar backs move the bars up and back.BarBacks.jpg
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