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Thread: Converting a tube tire wheel to tubeless

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    Not sure if you guys are aware of this system

    I have it on my dirt bike(s) and it works great. I can't really see why it wouldn't work on a street bike, but there are probably reasons that I don't understand.

    Concepts are probably universal though - the inner "tube" seals the bead to the rim, in conjunction with their rim lock device. It'll hold the tire from spinning on the rim through major applications of torque (so should hold it on most street bikes) and through major impacts. An benefit is that it really reduces the chance of bending a rim when you hit something.

    Unfortunately, the available wheel sizes are limited (only 18", 19" and 21" rims)- but I wonder if you could make up your own version....
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    The stock F800GS rims do have the required safety bead as does pretty much every modern motorcycle rim except for true off road rims on dirt bikes. Being tubed or tubeless is not the determining factor for having a safety bead.

    I had Woody's build a set of wheels for my 800, the rear was sealed and worked very well. Because I chose to use a narrower front rim than stock, it did not have the safety bead and thus still had to be used with a tube and the narrow profile did not leave much of a depression in the center of the rim to seal anyway and still be able to mount a tire. The stock wider rim or equivilant aftermarket rim would have been fine.
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