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Thread: 2013 F800 GT throttle cable re-routing advice needed.

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    Question 2013 F800 GT throttle cable re-routing advice needed.

    I'm prepping to install MV Bar risers on my wife's 2013 F800GT. I understand that I'll need to re-route the throttle cable so when the handlebars are turned full right, there'll be no unintended throttle roll. The riser set also comes with a brake line extension which seems like a (fairly) straightforward install.

    Could anyone advise me on the proper route that I'll need to go with the throttle cable? I've tried searching the forum for the answers but haven't been able to find any information.

    Pics would be appreciated if possible.

    Thank you all for your time,

    Daryl Casey
    Frankfort, KY
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    Did you ever solve this and install the risers? Iím just curious. Iím looking into risers on my GT. The cable sure are tight.

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    Run the bar end of the cable behind the right fork. Done.
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