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Thread: Electronic cruise control acting up

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    Electronic cruise control acting up

    My ride is a 2019 F750GS but posting here because I know the system is used on many models. When I switch it on, sometimes the indicator light comes on, sometimes not. Sometimes it doesn't come on right away, but then appears a few minutes later. When it does come on, the indicator light is red. Is that color correct? I thought it was green before, but the memory is not so great and the manual doesn't mention color.
    Even if the indicator light comes on, sometimes it will activate and hold a speed when I push the lever, sometimes not. If it does activate, the indicator light turns green with the set speed displayed above it.

    Sure, I'll eventually take it to a dealer but they're over an hour away. Just wondering if anyone has thoughts, experience, or perhaps a quick fix idea. Maybe related to my speed sensor?

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    Never tried to activate when not in motion. When first turned on at speed it is red. When activated at speed it is green.
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    I wonder if the BMW system requires a minimum speed before it will function properly?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Omega Man View Post
    I wonder if the BMW system requires a minimum speed before it will function properly?
    According to the manual, cruise control works from 6mph.
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    On the TFT for my 2020 GSA, red generic cruise control icon means the system is on but has not been activated since the system was turned on, green (displaying a number) means it's holding the indicated speed, red (displaying a number) means it's disengaged but ready to resume the speed. I never turn mine off, so it shows red generic as soon as I start the bike. If I've used it, it will display (and be ready to resume!) the speed it was holding on the slab even after I've been riding backroads for 2 hours.
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