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Thread: Missing Brake Pad Safety Clips

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    Missing Brake Pad Safety Clips

    I looked at my front brake pads on my 2014 RT and decided that they should probably be replaced - 41,000 miles isn't too bad. When I got the new pads, I went to install them and discovered that the little spring clips (see image) were missing from both calipers. Raises an interesting questions as to whether they were ever installed at the factory as there has been no reason to date to remove them - this is the first front brake service.

    BMW only seems to sell them as a collection of parts, along with the caliper spring and pin, and want $32 a side for them. Anyone have any idea where I might be able to find them? I assume they are a standard Brembo part - and maybe even a standard piece of hardware - but so far I haven't found anyone that just sells the clip. Lots of Brembo calipers have clips which have one straight leg which goes through a hole in the caliper pin. These don't and instead there is a grove in the caliper pin and a rounded portion that fits into it is formed by the two legs of the clip.

    Any ideas? +$60 seems ridiculous for two tiny pieces of spring wire ...

    2014 R1200RT

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    Cotter pin. I'd try my local hardware store. Or McMaster Cotter Pins
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    Have a look at
    I suspect one of the kits there contains the clips you need, and if you’re not sure just give them a call and inquire.

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    Go to a hobby shop that carries R/C cars and look for body retainer clips. You may have to bend them at the loop, but you get quite a few for cheap. You might even find some already bent.
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