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Thread: 94 RS wiring harness question

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    94 RS wiring harness question

    Hi I have a 94 R1100RS that continues to run and work well. It has all the options for that year but recently I took off the left side tupperware and found what looks like a wiring harness that has been cut and taped over.

    Everything runs well but out of curiosity does anyone know what this is? Why itís there?



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    Has the carbon canister been removed? Someone may have been very thorough while performing that task

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    I am too lazy to go pull the side panel off of Big Red but I am pretty sure that same taped lump is on Voni's 1994 (built in March 1993) R1100RS. I think it is a chunk of harness used later on other models like the RT for something - I never wondered what. Note that the earliest R1100RS bikes did not use a Cat Code Plug because they were hard wired, but then later harnesses were designed to route through the Cat Code Plug for different models in different markets. I think BMW was building harnesses for semi-universal fit and didn't always use all of the harness.
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    Underneath the tape are all the splices/common points for the harness +/- etc.
    All oilheads have this.

    Similar to below
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    Yes this makes sense. It does have the canister delete and Iíve also heard that it could be a universal bmw wiring harness. Thank you for the replies!

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