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Thread: Bill here.

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    Bill here.

    Hi everyone, I am a long time KLR 650 guy and I bought an 08 r1200gs last week. Now I am trying to figure out how the BMW works. It is a bit more complicated than a KLR. Anyway, I'm here because this seems like a legit place to get info. My user name refers to hogging the snowy trails with my Polaris and being accused of being a snow hog which I was. I also have a lifted JK that seems to be a lot of fun. I hope this BMW will be real fun too.


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    Welcome to the forum!
    Always good to have lots of toys
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    Hi Bill. Welcome from the coast of Kansas. No snowmobiles here, but lots of tractors--farm and lawn.
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    Yes, welcome indeed! This is a good place to ask whatever questions you have. People here are helpful and knowledgeable. Congratulations on your new bike.
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    Thanks everyone. I do feel welcome and I have been reading the forums about Smiley's issues.


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