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Thread: Cut crank integrity

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    Cut crank integrity

    Hey all, hope everyone is well and healthy. As Iím digging deeper into my motor (1976 R90/6) I noticed the nose of the crank is a bit deformed. Maybe where a puller had slipped off center. After I pulled the connecting rods I also noticed the big end rod bearings are oversized by .5mm. Iíve spoken with multiple friends on what Iíve found and I received two answers. First being that a cut airhead crank significantly loses its integrity and could fail. Or, that it is totally ok and there is no worry of it failing despite what has been done. Iíd like to reach out to yíall and get some advise on the matter. Since the nose is boogered up a little Iím inclined to purchase a used crank (one in better condition) but Iím just not sure if itís necessary and worth the extra money. Any opinion is greatly appreciated. Trying to get a feel on what an experienced owner would do if it were theirs. Thanks yaíll.

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    A few pictures of the nose damage would help to make an assessment.

    If done right oversize bearings should not be a problem.
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    Thanks Darryl, Iíll get a picture loaded up today and I appreciate the opinion. Ted from the Beemer Shop told me he has seen under sized crank journals in the past but they are rare and a tell if the crank was turned would be to look at the counterweights because they need to be removed to properly turn the crank. Does anyone know of any other things to look for?

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