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Thread: 1985 K100RS sticky trip meter.

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    1985 K100RS sticky trip meter.

    Now that I've had my bike out for a few trips I have found that I have a sticky tens digit in the trip meter. The tens digit gets stuck halfway when cycling between 2 and 3. It continues to work after that but always staying between two digits. It spins around and resets normally. It has only worked normally once. Should I take it apart for a cleaning or just replace the gear set in there?

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    Mine stopped working all together Odometer Gears makes replacement
    gears I'm not that handy so I sent the whole unit to them and they
    replaced the gears

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    Gear parts

    I replaced myself with K75 gears from here. At some point your dash lights may need replacing so knowing how to disassemble the display is a handy bit of knowledge to have.

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    If it's just one of the digits on the trip odometer, and the columns the the left and right of it still function correctly and continue to add up the miles and the standard odometer functions correctly, changing the gears will have no affect. To correct the problem you would likely have to replace the entire trip odometer assembly $289), in which case I would consider just living with it.

    The reason that I say it is not the replaceable gears is that those 5 or six gears that are replaceable drive both the regular odometer and the trip odometer. If it was one of those gears, you would be having problems with both odometers.


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    I successully replaced some trip meter gears to get them to work, or you can swap the 10s gear to the single space and at least hundreds and tens will reset and be correct.

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