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Thread: 2003 K1200GT Clutch & slave cylinder

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    2003 K1200GT Clutch & slave cylinder

    My 03 K1200GT recently started having clutch issues. Would not engage unless I pumped the lever multiple times, but I made it home. I got the bike about 5 years ago with 30K miles and now have just under 60K. Definitely leaking brake fluid onto the clutch. I got the clutch to function again (somewhat) by flushing it thoroughly. Did a test ride and noticed it was slipping when under load. Not bad but noticeable. Next I drilled a hole in the bottom of the housing to drain everything that had accumulated. Got a few ounces of brake fluid. Used brake cleaner sprayed into the clutch housing to "clean" the plates. first flush was really dirty, 2nd, much better. It is working again but I can tell the clutch cylinder is still leaking (hard shifting, low reservoir on top, spongy lever) and though it doesn't slip (per se) it does chatter when first under load. I talked to the service manager at the local BMW shop. they want ~$400 to just do the slave cylinder and something near $3000 for the full clutch replacement, The latter includes the slave cylinder and the main seal, as well as the new plates and seals in clutch and shaft drive. (sorry long story).

    I am a reasonable wrench turner and have watched the YouTube videos so if I can devise the means to hold the bike in the air after removing the center stand I think I can do the repairs. The question I have is, where can I get the parts other than the dealer. The local guys are nice people but they want ~$1000 for the parts. I checked beemer boneyard and they are sold out. My other option is part out the bike and get a newer tourer (K13 or R1200RT but that's another thread). Any sources you can recommend would be appreciated.


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    Your existing clutch pack can be rebuilt by Southland Clutch *if* the splines are still good. They will machine the cover plate and pressure plate to true, then apply new friction material to the clutch disk and compensate for the material removed in truing. Usually under $200 and 7-10 day turnaround.


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    Thanks for the help

    Thanks for the responses and the options. I ordered the slave cylinder from Beemerboneyard. VERY reasonable price. Easy folks to work with. Then I made the mistake of going back by the local BMW dealer. They had a very nice R1200RT they'd just taken as a trade in. I remembered all the long list of little issues (and a couple BIG ones) that were wrong with my K bike. They gave me a very reasonable value for my K bike, and I was honest about the issues, though I did clean up some of the leaking hydraulic fluid so it wasn't so obvious just how big that leak really was. All that said, now the proud owner of a 2013 RT. I fully expect to get another K bike sometime in the future but in the mean while I can tuck in my little cocoon behind that big windscreen and it is really nice and quite cruising down the highway at, well let's just say close to the posted limit.

    Thanks for the responses, they really are helpful.

    BTW, Beemer boneyard was very accommodating when I told them I'd traded the bike while waiting for the delivery of the slave cylinder. They took it back with no problem (small, but reasonable re-stocking fee) and I had a credit on my PayPal account the day after they received the return shipment. Good people, I would certainly do business with them again.

    thanks again!

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