Hi guys,

Im coming up on 15000 kms on my bike now (C650GT) and I've been reading snippits about how the CV belt should be changed or adjusted somehow at some point, some suggesting around this time. I am currently having no issues with the bike, no loss of power or anything, but have been warned that the belt could suddenly break if I don't do this? Im having a hard time believing that a BMW machine would need such a major job at only 15k. Does anyone know more about whether I should be concerned about this and plan for it? The belt alone can run me $700-900 here in Canada to get one to my door, then who knows how many thousand to have it all done. Makes me lean towards trading in the bike rather than go through all that expense at only 15-20k. Am I over-reacting?

There seems to be very little info online or otherwise as to a maintenance schedule for this bike. I've changed the oil and filter at 10k and changed the front tire, but that's about it so far.