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Thread: Things I have found in my tire

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    You know those metal chair glides that hammer in? Head about 1" diameter, shank about the same length. I found one in my car tire, the only clue was the tick-tick-tick as it rotated, no pull from a soft tire because it sealed the hole. Picked it up in the parking lot of a drive-in movie - tells you how long ago it's been since I had a puncture. Now that I said something I'll run over a nail within a block of leaving my driveway.
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    1 inch long flange bolt. Picked up on my commute last year, and let me know the rear tyre pressure monitor on my ‘16 RT was functioning as it should. It went in with a loud bang, and the bike skipped a bit. Only doing about 30mph. The pressure monitor held steady at 42psi for the rest of my commute, so I thought all was good. But eight hours later, on the way home, the readout started to look like a timebomb scene in a bad movie. I got home at 23psi (from 40).

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    My New RT Tire Story

    My tire experience...Feb 2018

    Wife and I up early, drove 2 hours east to Memphis BMW dealer to pick up our new Ď17 RT. Salesman gets bike serviced and is showing me all the features etc. Goes to start bike and it struggles to start. He informs me they had a bad batch of Exide batteries and puts a new one in. He fires her up shows me all the bells and whistles and we finish the deal and I'm on my way. Fifteen miles out I get a yellow warning light which turns to red so I pull over at a Shell station and kill the motor to look at manual. Try to start it and it's a no go. I call dealer and he sends tech with another battery and trailer. Third battery installed and she fires right up and idles for 5-7 minutes and everything looks good. I embark again homeward bound, 3 miles later the yellow warning light comes back on and I pull over again and call dealer.
    Meanwhile bike starts fine so I toggle through menu and battery voltage display shows 11.5 volts. When I rev the motor the volts don't increase. Ok, we have a no charge problem. Tech arrives and we trailer back to dealer. Wife regretfully agrees to go ahead and drive home. It ends up being a factory defective voltage regulator. Dealer absconds one from a new GS and fixes my problem. Ok, so far so good. It's now 4:00 pm and I have a 150 mile jaunt to get home. Rain is looming, HEAVY rain is looming. I head out on I-40 west, rain arrives after 30 miles but I am well dressed and all is well. Or so I think

    Yellow warning light comes on again. Iíve somewhat learned the RT menu by now and toggle it and it shows 14.2 volts. WTF? Then, my low tire display comes on. Yellow warning becomes red. I toggle menu and the rear tire shows 24psi with no town in sight. I ride 7 miles to next exit and pull up to your basic pay to pump air compressor. It requires credit card only. I swipe Visa and lo and behold it works. 48 psi and I'm off again. I learn later it cost $5. (Price wasnít marked on compressor) Monitoring display and tire is slowly but definitely losing air. I am calculating miles to next big town in my head. I take next big town exit and air up again. It's now dark and rain is pouring down. I don't know how many of you have traveled I-40 between Little Rock and Memphis but the semis are thick and heavy and they block both lanes drag racing each other at 65mph. Normally not a serious problem but I am watching my tire steadily deflate and need to make some time. I will say the truckers were very helpful and took pity on me and let me change lanes at will due to the heavy rain not aware my rear tire was going flat. I end up stopping 5 times for air and luckily every pay to pump compressor (only air available) actually worked and I made it home by 7:45 with 22 psi in my tire. Good times.

    I am worn out but thanks to my Darian jacket I am high and dry. I didn't look to see if I picked up a nail as I am back at work tomorrow. 175 miles on bike and my Metzeler Z8 may be toast. Oh well, I prefer Pilot Road 4s anyway. My wife was very happy to see me safe and sound.

    Huge nail dead center of the Z8 tire. Replaced with a PR4 GT. I figure most of the bad Juju in my bike has been released. Time will tell.
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