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Thread: Frame and engine differences between K70 / K72

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    Frame and engine differences between K70 / K72

    Differences in frame between K72 (F800) and K70 (F700).
    Looking for a set of crash bars for my 2010 K72 GS, found a set off a 2013 K70, wondering if they'll fit before I find out the hard way

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    The 650, 700, and 800 are fitted with the same basic Rotax 804 engine with tuning and gearing differences.
    Donít know about the frames.
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    650, 700, 800 gaskets

    So will the clutch cover and stator cover gaskets from these bikes all swap between each other? thanks rj

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    According to this ebay listing the clutch gasket is the same:

    Iíd verify BMW part numbers on a site like ascycles or bikebandit, though.
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