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Thread: Bring-A-Trailer Auction Site

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    Bring-A-Trailer Auction Site

    I recently ran across this site for listing bikes/cars for sale. Had never heard of it before...only a limited mention I could find on the forum. Bring-A-Trailer appears to be an auction site for vintage/rare vehicles. I put in a couple of BMW models and saw there were some nice things available...could be pricey with the auction format.
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    site has been around for a long time and has a huge following. auctions can be entertaining........especially with the covid lockdown...lots folks sitting at home watching and commenting on auctions.

    not a lot of bikes. one or two a day maybe out of the dozens of autions. some other interesting things pop up like airplanes, tow trucks, tanks, trailers, boats...

    they have a daily email with list of auctions ending that day and what new is on the block. auctions last 7 days.
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    If you have the App Flipboard on your phone/tablet, Bring a Trailer is regularly scanned and presented under the various topics you follow.

    Among others I follow ...

    ... and I get bring-a-trailer auctions under all.
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    It's a fun site to window-shop for cool stuff you mostly can't afford. I had a car that was more unusual and interesting than expensive listed there once, not auctioned through them but I pretended to be not-the-seller and sent them a tip about the actual sale (hoping to get my sale in front of more eyes) that was posted elsewhere and they ran it. I don't know if they buyer saw it there or elsewhere, but I had no trouble selling the car.
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