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Thread: 1981 r100rt windscreen

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    Quote Originally Posted by khittner View Post
    The recurve on the Clearview windshields is not very dramatic, and so I tend to doubt that it really adds much leverage to whatís borne by the windshield mounting hardware. I would guess that any additional height/length of the shield (for the taller options) adds considerably more leverage than the recurve, but I have no engineering credential, or measurement data, to support my guess. FWIW, my RTís dashboard and attachment hardware has held up well for the 7 or 8 years (20K miles), without any maintenance or replacements since itís installation, apart from regular cleanings & polishings.
    Yeah I ordered the 21Ē vented recurve today.
    Should see it in about a month I guess.

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    I have had good luck with the Clear view screens. Since I went back to the stock mounting system the clear view uses, I have not had any splitting of my dash panel. That only happened with the Parabellum system. To be fair, the problem I had could have been caused by the extra height if the screen. The screen and mounting system did not break, just for some reason my dash split in the middle.

    Nope, my having to change the shields is due to stupidity on my part, not the company.

    I like having the ability to raise or lower the screen a bit in the hot days. I could not do that with Parablellum.

    Sad to say, there is not a lot of choices for replacement screens. St.

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    Your going to like that vented recurve!
    Good Choice!

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    Update on windscreen?

    Any news or updates on what arrived and how you liked it, mounted it, etc? I ask because my 83 R80RT came with three different windshields, all various heights, and seemingly custom built by PO. Looking at options and ideas as Texas heat is over 90F most days...

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