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Thread: Hey, the wall is bulging...RV wall delamination

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    Question Hey, the wall is bulging...RV wall delamination

    Seems like they all do it. Doesn’t seem that brand makes a difference. If your walls, and sometimes the roofs, get to where the start to “bulge”. It’s usually caused by water infiltration leading to the adhesive to give up and then the old “dry-rot.
    There are a lot of videos on YouTube on repair methods, mostly very labor intensive and invasive. Seems like with all the work it will still look like a repair. My Winnebago’s worst spot is/was due to poor engineering and locating the outside fresh water fill under a roof drain
    Anyway, if you have it, have you worked on it? On mine, I looked it over and decided to “shore it up” by through-bolting with 1/2” stainless carriage bolts on the outside and stainless fender washers on the inside. Each bolt is sealed with 3M 5200 and the heads covered on the outside- in white.
    It looks a little goofy but has really straightened the wall profile and with a “strategic” pattern, looks like it was done on purpose.
    Anyone else mess with this?
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    Have seen it, but luckily not on current unit. With the solid laminate inside it seems it could take some time to manifest. Sounds like you found a workable fix. So hard to ensure a sealed roof covering is always
    a concern.

    My current issue was the PO leaving a pop out vent open over the kitchen counter and the countertops stayed damp warping the edges. No signs of mold, but a major countertop replacement is planned. Will replace with Silestone type top and increase size a bit as counterspace is skimpy.
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