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Thread: K13GT - 2009. Won't start when hot.

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    Quote Originally Posted by GTRider View Post
    UPDATE: still lists that part#, at $160, so possibly it is still available...

    I plugged that number in and couldn't find it. can you provide a direct link to that page?

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    Quote Originally Posted by brownie0486 View Post
    I plugged that number in and couldn't find it. can you provide a direct link to that page?


    Shows it at $163.40

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    If Neil_B gets stuck, can he push start his bike to start?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Neil_B. View Post
    I'm having this hot start issue for the first time since I bought my K13 in 2013, unfortunately in the middle of a cross country trip (apparently 2,146 miles from home - I just googled it). If I can find a dealer that has the upgrade kit then maybe I can have it sent a dealer close to my travel path, but yikes - I don't like the idea of getting stuck before it can be fixed. Can I also assume that the service bulletin wasn't being done under a recall (i.e., parts and labor charges will all be on me IF I can get it done)?
    Hi, it was not a recall, just a service bulletin. The costs will be on you. We've had the hot start issue a few times (K1200S / K1300S since 2007) but they always cranked after a few tries. We have a 2016 now so the "fix" is supposed to already be in this one but it acted weird once on a startup last year. We got a new battery and it hasn't happened since. I can't guarantee that a battery will fix yours but if your battery is a few years old it wouldn't hurt to try.
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