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Thread: Installing Admore Light Bar to 2019 F850GSA

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    Installing Admore Light Bar to 2019 F850GSA

    I have purchased a Admore light Bar with Smart Brake tech for my bike. There are lots of video's on how to install them on many different BMW models, but not the F850's I have been looking for information on the wiring of my bike and so far have come up empty. I am looking for both a switched source of power and the brake light wire. Has anyone installed one on this model of bike or have access to a wiring diagram?


    I got some suggestions from the F850GS Form and with a lot of trial and error got the wiring to work. BMW didn't make adding items like the Light bar easy and so far I have not found anyone with a wiring diagram for this series of bikes. Can't wait until a third party shop manual is published.
    0402201459.jpg The switched power supply I ended up using is the license plate light which is a bulb, not an LED. That turned out to be relatively easy to tap into.

    UPDATE: While tapping into the license plate light does work, I sometimes get an error message telling me there is an Issue with that circuit, so I will continue to look for a better source of power for my light bar (Rob)
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    I'm looking through my shop manual. I'm a noob to BMWs and bikes so combing through the manual to find switched power isn't simple.



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    The connector in this thread-
    from Twisted Throttle may help with power. Of course that would be if the 850 has the front parking light bulb.
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    Run a wire from your front power port, you shouldn't get the notice. Had same problem with Denali light and this corrected it.,
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    I sometimes get an error message telling me there is an Issue with that circuit
    What kind of error message? LIGHT warning?

    I am not sure what the max. amps are you can draw from the license plate light wire.

    I have connected a small relay to that wire on my F700GS and I never had a problem.

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    Running a relay (or the Denali Hub) is going to result in a "cleaner" install, as you won't be drawing power from the CANbus system. You can still use the lic. plate light as the sensing/trigger wire.

    Are you planning on adding other accessories? If so, the HEXcan or Denali CANsmart may be another option that will set you up for future accessories without having to tap into the existing wiring.
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    Went with the Denali Hub - Works Great and is much cleaner install

    Installing the hub took just 20 minutes and everything works as it was designed to. Thanks All

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