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I am amused at the loud pipe comments as so many here and I see on the road have aftermarket exhausts on their German machines. The first Camhead that rolled into my shop sounded like a Remus compared to my Oilheads and first Hexheads.
I can hear most newer BMW’s as well as Cummins diesels and some, not all V- twins coming way down the road. Be careful with the rocks around the windows

Some folks like RTs and dislike GSs as an example, some folks think Airheads are old tractors. This engine surely will be offered in a few more models, one may interest you if given a chance. If not, grumble away
Excellent Point!!

And, I love the idea of an optional big torque engine for the RT, might have to move the jugs to an angle like the Moto Guzzi, but I'm in. Where do I send the deposit......