I picked up a 1976 R90 a few years ago and have been going through it replacing rubber bits and refreshing parts a little at a time the bike runs great and I love riding it. The original owner passed on a few years ago and I picked it up from a friend of his. It had a large fairing when purchased new and he removed it before I bought it. The front signal stems had been clipped off so I picked up some new stems wired and installed the front signal lights.
So the problem is the lights flash and work fine but I have found that they also work with the ignition key turned off so they alays are powered This I can live with but the dash light remains steady on when the key switch is off. I should mention also the fourway flasher switch was toast so I unplugged and removed it as they are NLA not sure if that is relevent or not although the four way switch dash type light always remained on also unless I pulled it up enough to disengage it from its harness but now the signal dash light remains on.
Sorry for the long winded thread.
Any ideas of where to start on sorting out this problem.