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Thread: 77 r/100 partial headlight malfunction

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    77 r/100 partial headlight malfunction

    removed old fairing, installed new controls on left handlebar. Horn works, parking bulb works.
    Low beam not working, Hi beam not working except when thumbing down on switch

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    This is more of an Airhead if I'm not mistaken.......I can move the thread for you?
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    I've heard of this before, but can't really remember what the answer is. First, I'd check the resistance across the terminals of the bulb. I suppose you could also check the voltages you get to each of the wires that lead to the bulb...obviously, if you don't get 12v to the high and low beam wires, then the problem is not the bulb. Second, I would suspect the light relay.
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    Check your installation

    I would carefully check where you have the wires for the new switch plugged in.

    Things are tight in the headlight, it is easy to get wires on the wrong terminal. St.

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    will do and check back in. Thanks

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