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Thread: Mystery plug

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    Mystery plug

    Hello all you Wizards of Smart. Recently did a spline lube on a 1999 r1100rt for the first time and all seemed to have gone quite well until I discovered a mystery connector that had no plug in. It is near the airbox on the left side where the neutral and side stand wires connect. It looks like the connector that goes on the left throttle body. Three wires, 1 white, 1 brown and 1 green with a light yellow stripe and metal clip. See attachment. I do not remember this connector during disassembly.IMG_0166.jpg Any insights will be greatly appreciated. thanks, Gregory

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    Looks identical to the connector for a CO Pot. My RT did not have the pot but I built mine from a basket case. Some other RT's that have come my way did have the pot but also the charcoal canister.

    It controls idle richness or lack there of and maybe yours doesn't need it? I put one in my bike, mostly because it was free, but with the tools I have I got my idle to 700 RPM which is what I want.

    If you didn't have one before and didn't have any issues, have a good day and get some riding in.
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    Has, perchance, the charcoal canister and associated parts been removed from this bike. That looks like the connector for the valve that connected the two hoses from the throttle body to the single hose from the charcoal canister. It would have been located right about under your thigh on the left side of the motorcycle.
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    I discovered the same plug on mine a month ago or so after doing a spline lube. The charcoal can was attached then but that is what I assumed it was for. Have since removed the canister.

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    CO Pot connector

    Brown/yellow Pin 1
    White/black Pin 2
    Green/yellow Pin 3

    No CO pot needed as your vintage of bike has/uses the O2 sensor
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