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Thread: Weiser Teknik & Hex EZCan

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    Solved: Weiser Teknik & Hex EZCan

    Has anyone ever used the two in combination? I'm told it's easy, but I'm stumped by how to attach the Weiser lights to the Hex canbus controller. The led's plug into the existing hot and return wires and there's a third that's supposed to go to Weiser's relay. Do I connect that control wire into the Hex? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    Woot woot, I got a recommendation from Hex to ask for someone at Adventure Designs in CA who have done builds for them in the past. He was very helpful, despite my not purchasing either the hex or lights from them, and the fix is very simple. The only thing one has to do to get the Weiser lights to work with the Hex EZCan is to connect the brake signal wire to the hot wire on the Hex Can plug and tape off that plug's ground wire. Here's a picture and diagram I did for anyone else who wants to do this in the future:

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    Which lights, and model of motorcycle may help!
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    I assume you're trying to control the rear Weiser lights with the Hex's "flashing brake light" option?
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    Yes, trying to control the rear lights with flashing, but I'm fine with only the turn signal lights doing so. Here are some pics:

    Here's the turn signal lights. Blue is the hot, brown is the return / ground and the black is the control wires that are supposed to go to Weiser's relay.

    Here's the three wire plug that's supposed to go into the canbus controller.

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    On mine that connector is for the light, the canbus connectors should be male and female.

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    Yeah, I accidentally included a picture of the three wire connector instead of the two wire one. I'm thinking the control wires (black in the picture above) go to the yellow wire and the black is grounded, probably to the battery.

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