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Thread: Keyless ignition: Being able to just run accessories on my R1250RT

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    Keyless ignition: Being able to just run accessories on my R1250RT

    Hi Guys,

    My RT has keyless ignition. When I press the button, the lights turn on, all accessories, and it sounds like the fuel pump turns on and stays on until you crank it or turn it off. I believe the lights eventually turn off but it appears the noise made by the fuel pump never cuts off. Is there some way to just turn on the accessories similar to a car ignition? Thanks, Craig

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    The fuel pump will shut off unless you crank the engine over. You won't hurt anything by leaving the ignition on, other than drain the battery.
    From the only real Fargo, ND!

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    I feel your pain. One of the very few things I would change on my '18 RT is adding some sort of "aux" position or command so I could raise the windscreen for cleaning without having all the rest of the electrics on.

    i guess one would have to classify this as a "first world" problem.

    Ride long and prosper!
    Bob Stewart
    Salem, OR

    2018 RT

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