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Thread: Military museum Seattle area

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    Military museum Seattle area

    Since we may not be able to travel for awhile, we can do virtual tours, right?

    This one has some coverage of the BMW 801 radial aircraft engine.

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    Virtual?? Good idea. Letís establish a virtual beer garden; virtual garden, real beer.
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    Quote Originally Posted by akbeemer View Post
    Virtual?? Good idea. Letís establish a virtual beer garden; virtual garden, real beer.
    At the moment Guiness Extra Stout.
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    Just finished watching about the BMW powered FW-190 before logging on to the forum. Have not been there (yet), but looked like a great place with some really nice vintage aircraft there. Easily on par with the two museums at Chino Airport.
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    When I lived in Columbus, Ohio I would sometimes take a ride over to Dayton and visit the Air Force Museum at the Wright Patterson Air Force Base. It is quite impressive and worth visiting if one is in the area -

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    Thanks for posting up that video! Real nice to see all the restored planes.
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