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Thread: k100, new rings?

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    Nick Kennedy
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    How much for those new rings?
    Where were they made?

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    Your piston gap is within specs. If you had any piston wear on the bore you would see it right away. If the pistons themselves look good with no rubbing marks then everything is fine. The only way for the pistons to wear is if they contact the bore. That could happen if the rings where worn down to thin. So as I stated previously, if the rest of the engine is good, then install new rings. The rings are the wear item not the piston.
    1995 R100Rt with Kenna Sidecar, 1986 K100RT

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    main bearing runnout

    the saga continues
    spec says 0.008"- 0.0022
    measured 0.007", just barely ok
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    development of pistons

    Just figured new pistons may in order,
    how things have changed in a short time
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    k100 battery.jpg
    they work good too!

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