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Thread: Rally Seat Low - swap with standard seat?

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    Rally Seat Low - swap with standard seat?

    Looking at buying a 2019 1250 GS and it has a low rally seat. Anyone know if I can just replace it with a stock seat or standard sargent seat? Not sure if a rally seat is on a standard base or unique to the seat. Dont want a low seat.

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    But you need also the pillion seat

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    Used Bike from Dealer, OK with me

    Used 1250GS Seat: If you buy from a dealer ask for a swap among their stash of seats. Worked for me. During the test ride on a low seat, dealer found a tall seat and swapped before I drove the new to me used '13 GS LC (Liq. Cooled) home. Dealer also added aux heated vest recept. as I drove there with my vest plugged in, 35 deg, 90 min drive, and wanted to use my vest on the way home too.

    I keep my bikes so long and dealers really get some cherry trade ins, I'm glad to have this bike that came used from a dealer. I usually buy person to person with more records able to be transferred, privacy rules you know, but with only 7,000 miles how many records would there have been?

    The glossy BMW GS brochure lists lots of OEM seat options and part numbers in its back pages.

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