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Thread: Southern IL routing advice needed

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    Southern IL routing advice needed

    In April Glenlivet and I will leave Vermont in our sidecar rig on the start of a 14,000 mile adventure out west and back. One leg of the trip is from Garden of the Gods near Herod IL to Cape Girardeau MO. At first I was going to drop down to 146 and take it all the way, but on the map there is this large green area labeled Shawnee NF just above 146 that looks like it has potential. It seems likely that if I can find a street bike friendly route through that green mass it might be a heck of a lot more fun than taking a highway.


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    Shawnee National Forest Route

    I have spent much time in Shawnee National Forest, remembering names of roads not as easy as it used to be Kerbers Ridge Road great place to start, the chocolate factory at the entrance to Dixon Springs State Park has Ice cream for one member of crew and chocolate for the other the park has a great place for a dog to play in the water on a warm June day. Giant City State Park also very nice way point.
    I will try to figure out a coherent route and get back to you

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