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Thread: Broken Tabs

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    Quote Originally Posted by PoorUB View Post
    I spit on the pegs before I put the panel back on!
    I use grease.
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    Quote Originally Posted by PGlaves View Post
    After the piece holding the grommet is reattached - before engaging whatever sticks in the grommet - reduce the diameter. I dislike the system of these "mushroom" things stuffed into those grommets even when the grommets are in a hole in a steel piece welded to the frame. So on my K75s and R1150 and others, I always sand down the male portion to make it smoother, smaller, and easier to insert and remove.
    I like to put a little silicone or dielectric grease on these grommets ease the slid in process. A very small electrical ties wrapped through the center of the grommet will keep the grommet in place.
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    I removed the lateral body panel. Initially used JB Weld A&B to attach broken tab. Then supported it with some metal and additional JB Weld. Pics are attached.
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    Broken Tabs

    Quote Originally Posted by PGlaves View Post
    I use grease.
    I also use grease so they come off/on a lot easier.
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