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Thread: New battery time - a question please.

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    New battery time - a question please.

    After 5 years my F800GT is cranking slightly slower than it has in the past to start. I just ordered a new YUASA battery. Having never replaced the battery on this bike before, should I be aware of any special procedure to follow other than disconnecting the old and reconnecting the new battery? I read in one post where the "Service" light came on after the battery replacement which had to be reset by the local BMW dealer. I hope that does not happen to mine.Thank you for your advise. Side note: battery prices REALLY vary for the SAME battery. The YUASA YTX14 High Performance battery on Amazon $67. Revzilla $115. Sierra BMW $164. Avid Cycles $62. All with free shipping.

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    I read somewhere that after replacing the battery you should turn the ignition to ON (but not start the engine) and twist the throttle fully open and closed a few times so the engine electronics re-learn the the throttle position sensor limits, or something along those lines. I am sure someone else can explain it better, but it only takes a few seconds to do it so I make this part of my battery changing routine.

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    After reconnecting the battery you have to reset the date in the instrument cluster (=computer).

    BMW in its glory design wisdom did not add a small battery to keep the current date or, allow to set the date with the buttons on the instrument cluster yourself.

    You either have the dealer reset the date (~$50 ???) or, use a GS911 or equivalent tool to reset the date yourself. If the date is not reset then the service light comes on because "you are far behind the 1 year oil change interval".

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