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Thread: So, Any chance of seeing an R18 at the Rally?

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    So, Any chance of seeing an R18 at the Rally?

    Wouldn't that be sweet!!


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    Quote Originally Posted by Voni View Post
    "One serious question that has arisen about all the models in the 1800 range is, just where is the rider going to put his legs behind those huge pots? The bike will hardly be able to offer the by now traditional feet-forward rising position. The test rider looks like he’s having to bend his knees quite a lot. "

    Heaven forbid...………...a rider having to bend his knees.
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    As others have intoned, maybe they'll sell some 1800s to a certain breed of crossover bikers... Hope so.

    To me it does look cramped considering it's simply a big, air-cooled cruiser. Personally, I'm very pleased with my K-GT for actual long-distance Touring. That's the thing with all bike brands: there has to be one bike out there that has your name on it, but it may take a couple of tries to find it. I'm very pleased with my used '14 GT, but when I was shopping in the DC metro area all the dealers had a selection of 'slightly used' 1600s available -- I had my choice; all seemed to be 'great deals.' I can't fathom why folks would spend a lot of money for a big 6-Cyl bike and trade it in so fast?

    Additionally, I sat on a perty new 2200cc Rocket III up at Pandora's recently. They say that that bike is a Wicked Cruiser, but it just ain't pour moi...

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    Quote Originally Posted by HSVPhil View Post
    I can't fathom why folks would spend a lot of money for a big 6-Cyl bike and trade it in so fast?
    Probably because they lost their drivers license or didn't want to lose it.
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    So, Any chance of seeing an R18 at the Rally?

    It will be an attraction with an allure similar to a three headed calf at a rural county fair.
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