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Thread: Redlined by accident today during break-in 250 Mile

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    Thank you all for your advice. At this point we wait and see what my dummy self did

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    Quote Originally Posted by epirusgr View Post
    Thank you all for your advice. At this point we wait and see what my dummy self did
    Absent any clanking, grinding, or other distasteful noises I would be fairly certain that this did no damage at all. These engines are not as fragile as we tend to think.
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    I was told by a dealer that BMW just runs new bikes at max throttle and if they don’t blow up off it goes. In aviation the “breakin” period is only to seat the rings. They suggest full power all the time. These days breaking in a engine is pointless as BMW has nitrated cylinders.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mlytle View Post
    ahh, not exactly. rev limiters only work while accelerating. they are electronic and cut fuel or ignition to keep the engine from reving higher.

    downshift overrev's are MECHANICAL. there is nothing that will keep the engine from overreving this way. drop it in first and pop the clutch when going too fast and the engine will rev way beyond redline. many engines have been blown up this way. in the BMW car world these are called "money shifts".

    for OP...when you did the downshift overrev, exactly how fast did the engine spin? redline or tach needle pegged? most modern ECU's record overrev incidents. the dealer may be able to read it.
    Quote Originally Posted by Omega Man View Post
    If the OP had mentioned that the severe down-shift had locked the rear wheel, I would have answered differently.
    Quote Originally Posted by Lee View Post
    Sounds like the bike over revved because he accidentally downshifted to first when going too fast for first gear.
    No rev limiter will save the OP from that... as mentioned, he over-rev mechanically... so many engines that have gone out like that... valves can't take that beating...

    Looks like the OP should go out and buy a lotto ticket if the bike is still running fine.
    Ride safe!
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    Found this online turns out I was probably way under what I thought felt like a redline.

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    I recall seeing a video of a new BMW coming off the assembly line and put on a test stand and revving the crap out of it through the gears. I never even considered babying my RT when I bought it. Blasted back home down I59 from the dealer in Chattanooga.
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