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Thread: What Criteria would MOA use to possibly cancel rally due to Corona Virus?

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    If one is to pick on Sturgis, as a “warmer upper”, you could start with areas in Florida-

    “There are no atheists in a foxhole” as the quote goes.......... The true reality of the quote means more if you were in a foxhole...

    There will (hopefully) be plenty of time to argue who got what right and who got it wrong.

    Stay safe everyone. 😷

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    Quote Originally Posted by GREGFEELER View Post
    I didn't exactly read it that way. When you are making a decision about an event that produces about $725,000 in direct & indirect spending, the lack of which could bankrupt a significant portion of the small businesses in the Black Hills area, people are going to be watching your every move from all angles. I saw a references to assessing potential infections from visitor home areas, local hospital capacity, etc. And, they seem to be reaching out to a lot of people from all stake holder areas. It will be interesting to see what they decide and what their basis is.
    I dunno, Greg. Yes, buried in there was A reference to health but the release was mostly commercial and finance. And how on earth do they plan on "assessing potential infections from visitor home areas"? Its not like one has to pre-register which would make people trackable. Further, local hospital capacity is only helpful to residents. Again, what about the visitors? I would hate for any small business to go bankrupt. Is there not a program in the US to help people and small businesses survive this pandemic?

    I know, a lot of questions and I wish I had the answers. While I have zero interest in attending the Sturgis Rally (it appears to be the polar opposite of our MOA Rally), I hope that under the right conditions it continues and that the folks who derive their livelihood from it are minimally impacted.

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