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Thread: 1985 K100RS paint source in Canada?

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    1985 K100RS paint source in Canada?

    I am looking for a Canadian source (I hope) for Alaska Blue Metallic. Any Canadian members out there who can help?


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    I've never been able to find anybody ( non BMW related - if the old paint is still available through them ) that can match the old motorcycle paint codes. If you have a code that was used in the car world as well, then it makes life easier. What I've done is to take a side panel off and take it into a auto body supple shop and have them mix up touch up paint or for some not too big jobs they can put it in an aerosol can. If you are painting the whole bike then they can mix up more.

    You can also take the bike to them and they will photo the paint and match it that way.

    Neither of the above is totally accurate to the original as paint fades over time, making it impossible to get a perfect match.
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    I'm in Calgary and took my two new side covers to Ill-Fated Kustoms along with an original in case they needed to match the paint. Kenny told me that the Alaska Blue Metallic is also a BMW auto paint-I wouldn't have a clue myself. He said they can also scan the original cover to match.

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    BMW originally used Glasurit single stage (as opposed to base coat - clear coat) paint from the factory. The Glasurit series for single stage is their 22-series.

    BASF bought out Glasurit and has four paint lines; Glasurit is their premium line, R-M, Limco, and Norbin are their others.

    The Glasurit paint code for Alaska Blue (metallic) is 136. BASF can give the mixture code for most Glasurit colors for their other paint lines if you have an aversion to paying over $400 a quart. I've had some panels painted in Limco and they were a perfect match for my bikes (not Alaska Blue) for considerably less money.


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    A competent paint shop can match the color, fade and all. Need to bring the part in.

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