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Thread: New K1200LT Starter

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    New K1200LT Starter

    I have been having problems for awhile on my 2000 LT with 148,000 miles on it cranking slow when it was cold in the morning. I put a new Odyssey battery in it from my other LT and it did not help at all. I bought a new starter from Discount Starter & Alternator and it now cranks the engine over like it has the spark plugs removed when it's cold or hot.
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    That's a difference
    Starters do get old and cranky. Usually means more current draw than needed. I have a rather cool Lay-on amp gauge from blue a thing of the past.
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    I see Sears jump in selling all stuff, they have that starter listed for $55.38 with free shipping.

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    Donít forget to check those heavy starter wire for corrosion too. $150 for a part that fits a BMW, what a deal!

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    Just checked, BMW official starter is $813!

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    Quote Originally Posted by paulie321 View Post
    Just checked, BMW official starter is $813!
    I'd suggest you put a couple on your shelf just in case

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    Quote Originally Posted by paulie321 View Post
    Just checked, BMW official starter is $813!
    Incredible. Is BMW working with the health care industry to set these prices?

    My new starter for my R1100 just arrived yesterday from Discount Starter. Looks great. $53.00 with free shipping. If it had been $813 the bike would have been up for sale.

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