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Thread: R18 cruiser

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    Quote Originally Posted by mlytle View Post
    looks like bmw is trying real hard to make a bike that you can't tell is not a is not just a "cruiser", it is a Harley wannabee. yuck.
    Why is it that people with a hate on about someone or something have to try to get everybody to get on their parade float ? It's not the bke for me. I on the other hand don't need to use an international forum to express, " my " opinion.

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    For the record... I was born in 1967, and Iíve only rode/owned BMWís (RTís). I started riding when I was in diapers, but didnít start ďridingĒ till I was 41. Also... the R18 is a lovely cruiser BMW offering.

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    Quote Originally Posted by rangerreece View Post
    For the record... I was born in 1967, and Iíve only rode/owned BMWís (RTís). I started riding when I was in diapers, but didnít start ďridingĒ till I was 41. Also... the R18 is a lovely cruiser BMW offering.

    Yep, Ranger U got the look of a future biker. Glad U grew up to be a motorcyclist instead.

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    Iím not really a cruiser guy but that motor is sweet. Transmission is really smooth compared to my GS. Takes a little getting used to as far as putting your feet on the pegs.

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    Hum...had an r1200clc, which was a cruiser bike bmw made. Had a fairing headlight setup only mother could love. Low on hp as I recall but had bottom end pull if I remember right. Problem was, maybe lack of hp, plus the font end on that bike due to the faring was way too heavy in my book. Even dropped it when going to park on a curved parking space cause I could not keep her up. I did like the look, even with the front head lights. Fixed bags I am not a fan of nor as I recall a CD player box taking a lot of the room in a side bag. Problem I see with these new r1800 models is not enough rear suspension. Same issue with the indian model, scout I think, that engine is so sweet yet go over a man hole cover and you can live to regret it. Did just one demo ride on the r1800 so was not looking to pound the rear shock though some reviews mention it as an issue. I live by function over form...maybe I got that right. Don’t care if the engine has a jug hanging out on each side if it works well. Then again r1800 heads are just ‘big boxer’ too the point of asking can opposed jugs get too big? Anyway, all the r1800 rides look nice just wish bmw did not default to ‘draw it so it is what it was’ mind set. It is a styling exercise that focused on recreating history instead of eyeing what makes a motorcycle great then designing from there to draw on historical design elements. And as such it has the limitations in rear travel that per designers at bmw the bmw buyer riding public will accept. Unlike a harely which could use better shocks and performance modes when purchased new, the r1800 line does not have anything to ‘fix’ the lack of rear suspension travel. Granted guess the soft tail and like harleys also have limited rear suspensions one can only do so much with.

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    Hagerty Review

    A little love thrown the R18's way by Hagerty.
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    Love all the comments, good or bad. The only thing I can add it I wouldn't buy one, but I can understand why someone would.

    On the other hand I don't think I have ever seen a motorcycle that made me say "yuck!". I like them all, although I have to admit some designs make me stand there and scratch my head!
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    Well, I like it.

    I have now ridden RT's GS's, and 1600GT's around the country. I love them all. I am not usually an early adopter. However, I saw the R18 at BMW days in Garmish Germany after a tour of the Alps. So, I bought one. After 5 miles, I was unsure. Now, after 2500 miles I am quite sure. It is a really cool bike.

    I'm not so sure about the BMW pickup truck.

    Too many bikes and too little time my friends. Zoooom on!

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    Quote Originally Posted by cwroady View Post
    A little love thrown the R18's way by Hagerty.
    Very nice thank you for sharing

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    I called Clearwater to ask if they had a CANopener application for the R18. They said they havenít been able to evaluate a bike in the shop to develop a CANopener application. They could provide a standard set of lights for the bike. But without the CANopener you lose all the functionality that it provides, such as Billie Brake capabilities, 4way flasher integration. They have looked at the bike in the dealership. They would need a bike for a week to complete the design. They are located in Rancho Cordova, California. I am sure they would reward the volunteer with a set of lights. Lord knows we need a good way to add lights to the rear of our bikes and Billie Brake light would really do the trick. Anyone close enough to help them out?

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