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Thread: need to replace clutch on 2003 K12GT

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    need to replace clutch on 2003 K12GT

    I've got a 2003 K12GT needing a clutch. Local dealership in N. Tx wants $3500. Bike's value isn't worth that much- any suggestions?

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    I have done it. Donít know your mechanically skills. First get a Clymers manual, look on the web, go to You tube and look at other people doing it. Also the k1200lt is basically the same more videoís on that model. Read Clymers and study videos and decide this is a job you want to do. Parts and incidentals should run $300-$400. I like Beemer Boneyard but there other places. If this is more than you want to do sell it if you part it out you will make more $$$.
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    Quote Originally Posted by JGAR54TX View Post
    I've got a 2003 K12GT needing a clutch. Local dealership in N. Tx wants $3500.
    You could see if there are any independent shops who can do the work. Would probably be much cheaper. What's your budget?

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    Quote Originally Posted by BC1100S View Post
    You could see if there are any independent shops who can do the work. Would probably be much cheaper. What's your budget?
    Good suggestion, so long as itís a shop with BMW experience. The original quote seems high. I seem to recall the flat rate on that job is around 8hrs, 10 at the outside. At $120/hr call it $1200. $600 for a clutch pack (less if using a Siebenrock disk) and another $250 for rear main seal, o-ring, driveline boots, and misc. To my eye the original estimate seems high by $1k or a little over.

    For a good shade-tree mechanic who can follow a service manual, working in their own garage, itís a two-day weekend task if not complicated by other issues like needing trans seals replaced, etc. Having the bike on a lift, and having an overhead means of supporting the rear of the bike once the driveline is out, makes the job faster and easier. I appreciated both when I did the task on my brick-K.

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    Since a 2003 K12 is a Flying Brick, I am moving this thread to the Flying Brick section. We will continue this conversation over there.


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    If you're up to it, doing it yourself is the best route. Lots of PITA steps to it, but nothing unmanageable if you're comfortable spinning the wrenches and have the space to do it. It'll help you bond to the bike, know it better, and give you a good story to tell.
    Join a local (?) BMW club and use the clutch install as a group project.
    Part it out.
    Sell it cheap to someone willing to put their own sweat equity into fixing it.
    Find someone (experienced) nearby willing to fix it and pay them to do it for you.

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    This is really a straightforward job. Just nuts and bolts, and lots of them. Unlike the Oilhead bikes where the entire rear of the bike needs to be removed or elevated to get the transmission out, no such trauma is needed here. The trickiest part of the whole thing is supporting the bike when the center stand disappears with the transmission. Otherwise, nuts and bolts. Get a decent manual.
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    This guy replaced the clutch in 4 minutes

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lee View Post
    This guy replaced the clutch in 4 minutes
    Doesn't look very hard. If the OP was in the Chicago area, I would do it for him!
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