I read a post on the K1600 forum about dropping your bike which I can't find now and I had to speak up. Someone talked about recovering from a medical condition and they were using riding as their PT therapy and recovery. Here's how my response went:

"I too had a medical situation which saw my K1200LT parked all of last year. I retired in April and underwent an Acoustic Neuroma procedure in July. Hearing is shot on the right side with some balance concerns. Now I have my doubts about riding again.

I'm not sure how things will work out for me as the wife would like to see the K gone. (I just read your inspiring post to her.).

I'm on my third KLT ('93, '05 and the '06). I owned a'99 KRS as well. I dropped all my bikes at least once. It hurts but you move on.

Glad to hear that you got back into riding and you definitely picked a nice ride with your choice of the 16B."

March awaits!