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Thread: 01 k1200rs Aeroflow windshield

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    01 k1200rs Aeroflow windshield

    Hello all I just picked up an Aeroflow windshield and it was missing the mounting hardware. I was wondering if anyone has ever made any brackets themselves and if so how did you make it ,or does anyone know where I could possibly find some mounting hardware.


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    I would contact Aeroflow directly:


    (714) 777-4844

    Mon - Fri: 7:30 am - 3:30 pm PST
    Paul Glaves - "Big Bend", Texas U.S.A
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    I suggest you sell it to someone else who has the mounts and needs the screen, and then find a BMW Comfort screen that will mount on the KRS with no modifications or additional mounting hardware.

    That's my suggestion based on my experience with an Aeroflow windscreen (actually two) for one of our past K1200RSs.

    The first screen cracked around the mounting holes. Don't know why, I used Aeroflow's plastic screws and tightened them as instructed - use a penny until the screw pinches on the penny.

    I got a discount on a replacement screen, not much but at least some. The screws holding the screen on were changed to metal by Aeroflow.

    One or two of the metal screws would back out on every ride. I took to carrying a spare.

    After losing one of the screws (it totally back out), I tried tightening them a bit more. The screen began to crack around the mounting holes.

    In desperation I used a very small amount of Loctite on the screws. They stopped backing out but the screen continued to develop cracks on every hole.

    I contacted Aeroflow and was told using the Loctite on the screws voided the warranty. I was SOL.

    A BMW Comfort screen fits better, looks better, lasts longer and has about the same air blocking area.

    We have a Sport screen and a Comfort screen for our 2002 K1200RS. The Sport screen looks sharp (OEM tinted) but the bigger Comfort screen - as I grow older - is better to ride behind.

    Just my opinion.

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    Loctite is death to many plastics - use silicone sealant instead.

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    I had a conversation several years ago with Paige at Aeroflow, when I called looking for a screen for my 2004 K1200GT. At that time he had screens but no mounts for the K12RS/GT bikes and was not planning on getting more mounts. To be affordable, the mounts have to be ordered in bulk from the supplier/manufacturer and apparently the business decision was that given the age of those models it would be a poor investment.

    I am running this on my K120lGT, in the tallest version, and I suspect the shorter ‘01 K12RS version would work equally well. I quite like the one one on my GT.

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