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Thread: 2020 s1000 xr - when?

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    2020 s1000 xr - when?

    Anyone have an idea when will be updated with "Build your own" details? And for that matter, are there any BMW executives that monitor this forum to tell us when the new model will reach the U.S.A. BMW dealer's showrooms?
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    Seems I found the answer to my own question.

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    I see the LED turn signals are slightly larger now making them legal in the US.
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    So not getting a variation of the shift cam engine, I'm a little disappointed. I kind of liked the idea of a shift cam engine being able to (more) effortlessly lug around two riders and loaded luggage boxes and still shift cams to tear up the road even more after you drop off the luggage and pillion.

    Also assuming the S1000R isn't getting any of these updates this year? I don't remember seeing anything in the last 6 months about updates.
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