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Thread: What lube to use?

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    What lube to use?

    Doing a tire change on my 1979 R65. It's been awhile so I cleaned the rear hub splines. What lube is recommended for reassembly.

    Thanks, Jim
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    Honda moly60 or whatever equivalent product is available now.
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    Snowbum's paragraph 6A has his recommendations for greases:

    I found a tube of Chevron NLGI2 red grease and I mix it with moly wheel bearing grease at about 2/3 red grease with 1/3 moly.
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    From what I understand subscribing to this forum, the TS-60 from Ted Porter's Beemer Shop is the equivalent of the prior Guard Dog Moly spline lube. When my tub of GDM spline lube runs out, I'll order this from Ted for my splines.
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