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Thread: Source for good used /5 wheels?

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    Source for good used /5 wheels?

    I'm looking for a source for a good used wheel. The front wheel hub on my R60/5 project is shot. I knew something was wrong when the bearing stack fell out without a tap, after heating the hub. I attempted to load a photo, but the image failed to load.

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    The image was probably too big to upload...try reducing the size to about 1Mb.

    As for used supplies, I'd try Airhead Salvage as well as Repsycle. Bob's BMW as well as Beemerboneyard might be worth checking. There's a used parts section in the link in my signature line.
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    Rolands Air Head Salvage

    I think Roland has exactly what you need on his website. I have had many very satisfactory transactions with him.

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