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Thread: Instrument Cluster

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    Instrument Cluster

    Has any one reinstalled a Tach needle on a 05 RT mine fell of
    The manual that i have does not have anything on instrument Clusters removal

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    I recently replaced the face plates of my speedo and RPM (05 RT).
    The needles are easy to remove and replace. Just pull them out / push them in gently straight out.
    The clear plastic over the instruments is easy to open... just a few screws around the housing.
    Just make sure you carefully replace the rubber gasket when you reinstall to ensure adequate water proofing.

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    Welcome to the forum! I assumed R1200RT so not sure if this is the same style instrument cluster, but this video shows how he removed the cover to clean things up. The bike in the video might be a, maybe never mind!

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    Quote Originally Posted by 20774 View Post
    The bike in the video might be a, maybe never mind!
    From his Youtube page, it appears that it's a 2009 R1200RT (police version), so startec should be good!
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    Thanks for the replies I final decided to attempt the repair and as it turns out it is really simple once you have all the tuber ware out of the way
    six little screws take off the front housing on the cluster and push the needle back on double check with key on as the needle will go down a bit and you have to reset it

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